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Well said Dan, what a terrific article about an awesome group of athletes!


Great job Front Range athletes! All of you are an inspiration to the CF community.
I've been utilizing your rowing program for my training and truly appreciate your workout postings. Thank you John and Skip.

Wow! Way to go!

This was a fun event....(That is saying a lot considering it was rowing)

FRCF athletes were, as always, getting the full FRCF Coaching Experience. I have played a lot of organized sports in my life and I've never been involved with a Coaching Staff that was so involved with their competitors.

We had coaches warming us up, checking heats, getting you set, and coaching you through the race. There were no other teams that were operating like the well oiled FRCF machine.

That's quite a compliment when you consider there were a number of collegiate rowing teams/clubs (in their uniforms....they were not a great look BTW)at the event.

Great job John and Skip...

Great job rowers.

Great job everyone, always fun to compete with the team and our awesome group of coaches. BIG UP to Big John! It's not often that you are as good a coach as you are at your sport- we're lucky to have you on our team!

Where can we can screen with the boats racing? Totally changes the rowing game. Let me know the company, I’ll call um…

Wow, great job everyone! I'm so impressed with all of you!

Awesome guys!!!!

Awesome rowing! Todays WOD@home as RxD 6rds + 5snatch

Nice job, rowers! This event was a little bit different that most because these rowing teams had no clue who we were or really much about CrossFit at all. So to come in and completely dominate speaks volumes about what amazing coaches we have. And in usual FRCF style we had a great cheering squad come out also... You guys have no idea how great it feels to have the support and cheers of our teammates!

Thank you to Skip and John for not only allowing all of us to just walk in and compete without a worry, but also making something so unfun... Kind of fun! :)

Wow, great job everyone! Once again, the FRCF coaches and athletes never cease to amaze and inspire me!

Very impressive!! Great job everyone. Jon, hands down to you - you are amazing!

Today's WOD (except jumping squats with 30/20 lb ballslam, instead of box jumps) in the cold ass garage

Rich 8
Sandie 6+12

Congratulations to all our rowers and thanks for all your hard work and effort.

Dozer I agree those outfits were just plain nasty.....

AWESOME job, athletes!!! FRCF never ceases to amaze me. you guys ROCK!

I concur with everyone's comments on the coaching and support of teammates. I was seriously scared (nervous was an understatement). . .I've never done anything like this before. . .but Jon and Skip and everyone who was there cheering us on somehow made it fun! Thank you, Jon, Skip, other competitors, and everyone who came to cheer. Shockingly, I'm actually thinking about doing it again.

Oh yeah. . .those uniforms were horrible, and those boat screens were pretty cool.

Very cool! Congrats everyone.

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