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Congrats, Hoovers! All this baby business is starting to worry me.

Congrats Hoovers, he's precious!

@Lee, you don't think you're pregnant too do you?!

Congrats Hoovers! To all you new parents, Sofia and Isa will be in purine baby sitting age in 5 years our so.

Prime, not purine. Damn autocorrect.

Congrats Nicole and Brad! Awesome picture, I like the happy parents in there too.

Congratulations to all the new parents!

Shannan - ever since the games, Lee's belly has popped! There's at LEAST a food baby in there.

At this rate, in a couple of years we could actually have three hockey teams!!!!

Congrats Hoovers!!!! I can't wait to meet Jackson Jay! What a doll :)


Headed out of town tomorrow morning... I will miss you guys a ton! This past year has been awesome. I'll be back to visit as soon as I can!

Congratulations Hoovers!! Brad, a bit of advice: "sleep is for p#@%ies.
Good luck Whitney.

Congratulations Nicole and Brad! Love the name and he's super cute! 6#15 oz and 9.75 inches???? He's already built like a stocky CrossFitter!

Congrats Hoovers!

Another little Hoover makes the world a better (and more interesting) place!! Congratulations! Jackson is the most adorable little guy! He and Brayden will have so much fun together.

Congratulations Nicole and Brad. You guys will be awesome parents!

Congrats to all of the new parents! Everybody else, bring your own water, maybe? :) And good luck to you back in the ATL, Whitney!

Thank you all for the well wishes! we are doing great! miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Congrats!! That's awesome.


What the hell has been going on at the gym?? It's either a birth or a birthday every single day.

Congrats Pickle and Brad!! Can't wait to see a baby seat in that H2.

Congrats Nicole and Brad!Welcome JJ.

I miss my workout/social hour with Pickle! Love you Hoovers and Jackson, YOU ARE PERFECT!

Congrats!! Welcome Jackson to the family...


Congrats on your little nugget!

One arm Tabata:
Stationary bike for calories
GHD back extensions
Stationary bike

Total reps/cals: 320

Congrats guys! Can't wait to make it back to see the little guy!

Congratulations to all our new papas and mamas! And babies too!

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