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Best of luck Colleen!

Good luck Colleen!!!

Awesome! You're gonna do great, Colleen!

Go get em Colleen! You will crush it.

Kill it Leenie!!!

Good luck Colleen!😃

We BELIEVE in you Leenie! Enjoy yourself (yes, even during the meet).

Good luck Colleen!

Good luck Leenie!!!

Good luck, Colleen!

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of surprised juniors at this meet. LIGHT WEIGHT!!!

Have a great day Colleen!

Wahooo! Good luck, Colleen!!

Good luck my fellow mini person, I'm sure you are going to do awesome!

Yahoo Go Colleen!!!!

good luck!

Way to go Colleen!!

Yeah Leenie!!!! Nice work!!!!

I just heard from Dozer: "Colleen is National Champion".

Colleen, congratulations on a job well done! What you have accomplished today puts you into a select category of elite athletes. Your hard work, dedication and never say die attitude is readily apparent to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting you. You embody what it means to set the standard for excellence and do so with poise, humility and courtesy.

When I think of these characteristics the phrase that comes to mind is "role model". You've have accplished a great deal - and you will continue to achieve success on whatever ou set out to do.

Again, congratulations!

Dozer's news made my day. Congrats Colleen, we cannot wait to hear details!

Dang, I'm kicking myself for not getting around to getting your autograph. The price just went up, way up! It's always been a pleasure to workout with you, now it's also an honor! Congradulations Colleen!

Congrats Colleen! Great work

Congratulations Colleen
I know you've worked hard for it!

Congratulations Colleen!!! We are so very proud of you!

So impressive Colleen. Congrats!

Congrats Colleen, awesome job today!

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