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It was fun to watch, everyone did great! I wouldn't say the room was "uncfortably silent", maybe just surprised! For the record I yelled "yay boobies." :)

Thanks for clearing that up Shannan. It was funny!

Great job KO, Caleb, Andy and Boo..., err Lambo!!

Great write up Boobies...

Fantastic showing to all of you. GREAT WORK!!

Way to go guys!!!!

Good job and congratz guys!

Congrats gang and thanks for the great write up!

Well done team FRCF!

Nice showing this weekend guys! FRCF showed great team spirit nation-wide! So.Cool.

Congrats everyone!

Great job all! Way to rep FRCF!!

Nice work!! Congrats!

WOD 1/30/2012 from home Modified:

600 m Run (around 3:00 w/ hills)
C&J 135# (done for 2min)

Roeper = 43 Reps, 15:26

then 5x5 DL 305#

Congrats to all!!! HAHAHAHAHAH @ Shannan. Man, I love you guys!

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