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Happy birthday old man... and great form on your single unders!

Your one of a kind Jumbo, have a great bday!

Happy birthday Brad! You are awesome. :)

I will do your workout in my hotel room. haha sorry I can't make it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Happy Birthday Bradley!

What's with the back to back killer birthday workouts?? :)
Happy birthday Brad!

Felicidades Ramón!!!

Happy B Day Jumbo! Fried forearms...ugh!

Happy Birthday Jumbo Sexy! Love the fun and enthusiasm you bring to our lives!

Feliz cumpleanos you Dominican!!!!! hope you have a wonderful day! You are definitely one of a kind

Love that guy!

Happy Birthday, Bradley!! Hope you are enjoying the big 21. You are an awesome coach and special young man. Have a great day!

Happy Birthday buddy! Hope you have a good one.

Happy Birthday Brad!

Happy birthday brad! Your the best! Thanks for always pushing me to be better!

Happy Birthday Brad!!

Hey Big Buddy! Happy Birthday. And thanks for all that you do!

Happy Birthday Brad! I hope you have an amazing day.....definitely deserved.

Happy Birthday KFP!!! Thank you for being such an awesome coach/athlete/friend.

Happy birthday Brad!!

Happy Birthday Brad! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday big Bradley!

Happy Birthday B-RAD! CHEERS!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Brad.... love the picture!!! big hugs from Molly.

Happy birthday Bradley!

At Crossfit Lahaina (Maui)

5 rounds of
15 push press, 85 lbs
40 double unders.


Happy Birthday big fella!

Happy Bday Brad!!

Happy Birthday Brad! Thanks for keeping it real!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Sorry for the long/grueling workout. That was a forearm fryer for sure. Just thought if we were gonna have to go 1500 meters, minds well carry something to slow down the Lances, and Huffines, and smaller/faster type peoples. :-) Thx for not cherry picking that one!

Happy birthday, Bradley. I'm glad we get to see you around the gym more!

Happy birthday Bradley! This may come as a shock, but I didn't enjoy the WOD! :)

Joy (Should have been written as modified. Only did half)

I think the 6pm class was left off--I think we all finished in like 10 minutes--it was so unbelievable that skip didn't post our times

Erica is right - actually, she broke 10 minutes! It was amazing.
Still a 'fun' and somewhat slippery Birthday WOD!

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