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Who's hand is that?

Damn, Skip! Sorry this happened to you. Fun game though...

Not a big deal, Lance. It was an awesome game. And a ton of fun.

You might see that kind of thing more often in the future. But maybe soccer for the next couple of weeks.... :-)


Damn!! It didn't look like it was gonna need that many stitches. I'm with Lance, way fun even for us who never played before.

to quote Skip prior to the beginning of the game--"there will be blood"...
The stitches look good though, just sorry the premonition was correct!

Great day and now you'll remeber it forever:) Thanks "laxers" for coming out and for all bday wishes-seriously heart you guys!

yikes! i agree with the above comments though: it was a fun game!! ultimate frisbee next?


It'll be an awesome scar! You can say KO almost cut your thumb off with a neon bedazzler.

And, I was there, today, too: 15:21

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