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Does your box do chest to deck push ups or hands release push ups if the WOD indicates "pushups". Thanks!

Lisa-Skip will specify hand release if that's what he's after, otherwise it's just a standard chest to deck.

What Dan said.....


Thanks! We crossfit out of our garage and love to do the FRCF workouts and compare times! It's nice to have times to aspire too when you don't have as many people around you to motivate you to push yourself! Ended up doing the first 2 rounds as CTD, then the rest with HR, but did 12 + 1. Probably would have been around 10 + with all CTD since I find those more difficult!

Oh, the WOD I was referring too was the 20 min AMRAP of 20 Pushups, 20 squats and 20 sit ups, by the way!

Wow. Colleen! awesome.

What AJ said. Jeepers! I wish I had seen that.

Javier, I haven't heard "Jeepers" since Velma and Daphne used to say it on Scooby Doo - nice throwback!

I generally kick it old school, Jim. Off to have a scooby snack. . .

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