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Shaina, you devil! ;) Happy Birthday!!!

Happy BIrthday Shaina! Love the workout!

Felicidades Shaina!!!!
Muscle up tomorrow ;)

Happy birthday Shaina! Interesting workout...wouldn't expect anything less!

Happy birthday Shaina. Chicked I might be...but at least you're an uber strong chick!

We could do partners, I mean since we 'll be doing the same weight for cleans! Think about it and happy birthday Intimidator.

What a beautiful smile! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Shaina! Fun WOD!Hope your day is fantastic. :)

Happy Birthday, hope it's a great one! Love this workout!!!

Happy birthday! Good choice.

Happy Birthday Shaina! ... Silverman will be cherry-picking this workout for sure.

Happy birthday SHAI-NA!!!

Happy Birthday Shaina. Interesting WOD - Looking forward to watching you in beast-mode!

Happy happy birthday Shaina!!

"get chicked" Love it. Happy Birthday Shaina!

Have a great birthday Shaina!

Happy B Day Shaina!

Happy Birthday, Shaina!

Happy Birthday! 225!!?? Whoa...awesome.

Happy birthday shaina--this is the first of the recent birthday workouts that I KNOW the birthday girl created herself. You're amazing, shaina--someday maybe I'll be able to back squat your snatch weight!

I remember the first time I worked out with you, it was a Saturday. We were warming up power cleans and you picked up 165 like it was nobody's business and Erica and I looked at each other like, "Whoa, who is this chick!!??" .....Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday RockStar!

Happy Birthday SHE ROCK!

Was a great workout .....hope u had a GREAT BIRTHDAY....mair

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